em · path



1. A person with the ability to understand the mental state of another individual.

2. The path taken by brands who seek to connect powerfully with their customers.

find your empath

You are...

Chances are, if your brand needs compelling design, you’re in at least one of these situations:

1. Competition:  Your industry is saturated. You need to stand out to consumers in a memorable way.

2. Innovation:  You have an innovative product with few competitors. You need to promote understanding to early adopters.

3. Impact:  You’re a non-profit or charity with a good cause. Your story needs to stimulate emotion.

what you need


In each of these realities, creativity is not enough. The design of your brand needs to be fueled by deep empathy and delivered with expert communication.   That is how we create your brand’s:


the result

Your value shines through

When deep empathy and expert communication give birth to your design, the result is powerful branding, a delightful website experience and compelling messaging that all effectively convey your brand’s true value to your target market. 

So where do most brands fall short?
the problem

Creativity ≠

Creativity & communication are two very different skills. They operate in different parts of the brain, and are rarely found in the same person. When brands hire creative agencies they get creatives, not expert communicators. Why? Because:


Top communicators are made in the sales industry, not in the design industry. Sales pros spend all day communicating value to generate sales. Unfortunately true sales pros are already rare, so imagine how hard it is to find an expert communicator who also has creative talent.

You just did

Made to tell your story

Hi! I’m Matt, founder of empaths. I’ve been creating art & graphic design since highschool.
Lucky for you, I’ve also developed expert level communication via formal education in psychology, and a decade long career as a sales & business development pro.

When my team designs your brand, I make sure our creative process applies the deep empathy and expert communication your brand needs to truly convey your value.

it works

Take the empath.

This complete approach lets us help organizations in radically different industries like health, finance, food, real estate, tech, politics, auto & more. When you take the empath: your brand truly conveys value. 

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