convey to compel 4: visual silence

Visual Silence? Really?

Yes, you can achieve the powerful effects of silence visually.

It’s quite simple, really. You just need a bit of courage to step outside of your comfort zone.

The impact we’re looking for is similar to that of the previous post. First we want to help people process our idea. Second, we want to make a statement with our words. We want to really drive the point home.

Let’s look at two different kinds of scenarios where we can use visual silence to achieve this.

Situation 1: Text only – a written piece

So how do you create visual silence with text only?

By making your single point, the entire paragraph.

Even if it’s only a short sentence.

Just like the above three. It’s so simple. However it doesn’t follow former narrative structure. That’s why few people other than good copywriters use it: because good copywriters know that you often need to step outside of formal writing structure to really drive home a point. Everyone else stays confined to the man-made construct of “paragraphs.”


Free yourself.

Compel with visual silence.

Situation 2: Text + Imagery – a web page, poster, ad, etc.

How do we create visual silence with text and imagery?


Use tons of empty space, and very few visual elements (whether they be images or written words).

This shows the viewer that there is no need for lots of visual imagery. The few elements on the page are so important that their substance is more than enough to fill the page.

It also draws the viewer’s attention to the few visual elements that are present, because there isn’t anything else to look at.  The contrast between all the empty space, and the few visual elements, draws the eyes towards the elements.

A good example is the homepage for the iMag website we designed. It has tons of white space. Literally the whole page is white, with only the logo and a very short but powerful statement in the middle of the page:

According to biologists, water, oxygen and magnesium are the 3 most essential factors to your health. iMag is home to the world’s purest natural magnesium supplements.

Immediately your eyes are drawn to the centre of the page, and you can’t help but assume it’s important because there’s absolutely nothing else around! Then when you read the statement, you realize just how powerful it is.

Escape to compel.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of formal narrative structure. Don’t be afraid to use tons of empty space. Use visual silence to capture attention and drive your point home.