If your business is in one of Ontario’s Business Improvement Areas, you may qualify for a grant from the Province of Ontario. As official service providers of this grant program, we help businesses like yours secure up to $2500 in debt-free funding to improve the digital and online elements of your business. 

common questions
Does my business qualify if it's not a corporation?

Yes. Corporations and sole proprietorships are both eligible to apply for the grant.

What kind of businesses qualify?

Your business needs to reside within a geographical area called a BIA: Business Improvement Area. There are close to 100 BIAs in the Greater Toronto Area. By filling out our simple form on the next page, you’ll find out within 24 hours if your business is in a BIA.

We have multiple locations. Can we apply for each one?

If both locations are owned by the same owner, then you can only apply once. If however each location is owned by a different owner, each owner can apply for their own location.

What's the application process like?

If your business is within a BIA, there are 3 steps in the application process.

1. A quick but valuable digital assessment that shows you which online areas of your business can improve.

2. A series of online training courses and examinations that teach you how to grow your business online.

3. You create a digital transformation plan to show the OBIAA how you plan on using the grant money to improve the online aspects of your business. Once you’ve created this plan, you submit it along with your application.

How long does it take to get approved?

After you submit your digital transformation plan and application, you can expect a response in 2 – 3 weeks. 

What if we don't get approved?

If your business is in fact in a BIA, and your application was denied, one of the representatives will tell you why, and help you improve your application so you can re-submit it and secure the funding.

Do we have to pay this back?

This is our most common question. The answer is no. The funding comes in the form of a grant, which is not to be confused with a loan. Once you receive the funds, there is no payback required.

What's the catch?

There is a simple reporting period after you receive the grant: Once per month for 4 months, you correspond via email with your program representative to inform them about the progress you’ve made in applying the grant money to your digital transformation plan. 

Fill out your basic info and within 48 hours we’ll let you know if your business is eligible to apply. For more info, please call Matt @ 647 710 8783.

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