logo lessons 2: simplicity

Learn from other peoples’ mistakes…

… says the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffet. What does that have to do with your logo? Well, why not learn from the world’s biggest and most successful brands, and their mishaps and adventures in logo design.

One thing you’ll notice about most big brands is that they all have extremely simple logos.

Adidas. Twitter. Starbucks. Instagram. Nike. Mercedes Benz. Apple. McDonald’s. The list goes on.

Want some valuable insight? Just look at the evolution of these brands’ logos over the years, and you’ll notice a very obvious pattern. ALL of these logos started out much more intricate and complex than they are today. All of them went through many rounds of iterations until they reached their current, simple forms.

Want more proof?

So why have the world’s biggest brands paid millions to simplify their logos over the years? Because their research revealed what good designers and artists have known for centuries. Simplicity is the epitome of good design. 

Design is functional. Function should be clean and efficient. The world’s top designers agree that a logo has reached perfection, when you can no longer take any visual elements away, without making it loose its function, essence and uniqueness.

Simplicity is the foundation of good design, not only for logos, but for ALL design. Plus, when a logo is simple, it increases the likelihood that it meets the next important attribute of a good logo: harmony.