logo lessons 6: versatility

Lone wolf, or leader of the pack?

Solidify the visual identity. Improve familiarity. Increase consistency.

These are all benefits you get from having a versatile logo. What do we mean by “versatile?”

When a logo’s visual properties or elements can be extended into other visual objects like shapes, icons, backdrop patterns or even motion graphics, then you have a versatile logo.

By the way, logo versatility is the most difficult attribute to achieve in a logo because it requires a lot of thinking that extends beyond just the logo. This is also why logo versatility is the most rare of the 6 attributes you’ve learned about in this series.

The reality is that it’s also the least essential. Think of it as the cherry on top.

One example of a versatile logo that extends into other visual elements of a brand, is a logo we designed for iMag. They carry the world’s purest line of natural magnesium supplements. Their logo was designed around the concept of the magnesium atom. We used thin, clear lines spaced perfectly apart to achieve maximal clarity and a clean, trust-inspiring look. We were then able to use those same visual attributes throughout the iMag website to extend the visual identity and make it more cohesive and familiar.

Remember the qualicare logo we had designed for complete, sophisticated home health care? Well, we were able to design that logo with an extended visual identity system as well.

Take a look at the three graphic images that play off the original logo’s design. Notice how they all have their own meaning. Then, you can see how the logo itself comes into effect as a frame for an image in a testimonial. This is what it looks like when your logo is versatile, and can extend into a visual identity that makes your brand stronger and more cohesive.

Logo versatility is the most difficult attribute to infuse into your design. It’s also the least important. The other 5 attributes should be your top priorities. However if you can pull it off, it’s a great tool to help reinforce your brand’s visual identity. It also opens up various doors down the road, such as new product lines with extended visual identities.